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Current WWE stars Batista, John Cena, Simon Dean, Eugene, Rob Conway and both Doug and Danny Basham have all been the Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

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Latest Firing: Sabu Released From WWE Contract

The latest one to be let go by WWE in their latest cutting spree is none other than the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal Sabu. Although this was not mentioned in the WWE.Com article, it appears that Sabu appeared several hours late to the ECW tapings this week, and didn't have any ring attire with him when he did arrive. He was abruptly sent home and was later released from his contract.

Also, according to PWInsider.Com, Sabu was unhappy with working for WWE, and what would you really expect after the way they were treating him in the last few weeks. Talk about degrading the legacy that is Sabu.

Well, on a personal note, that is the final nail in the coffin as far as the "new ECW" is concerned. While I had hopes in the beginning, that show is going to hell in a handbasket mighty fast, and this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I will most likely never watch the show again, it's just pure crap anyway.

News courtesy of WWE.Com:

"Sabu released
Written: May 16, 2007

WWE has come to terms on the release of Sabu. We wish Sabu all the best in all future endeavors."

2007-May-16 11:57 am by Mr Taco

by nzguy @ 16 May 2007 09:48 pm
shit the only reason i watched ecw was for kelly kelly

by Challe3d @ 18 May 2007 07:58 am
I agree. However there some good wrestlers in ecw and it would be better if they just has two brands. Send some to smackdown and some to raw. Tjet need more mid cards anyway.

by Gizmo @ 18 May 2007 08:02 am
Anyone else that wish for Sabu back in TNA?

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