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Raven held the WWE Hardcore Championship on no less than 26 different occasions. That's the most times anyone has ever held a WWE title. Crash Holly is second with 22 times.

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Another Top WWE Wrestler Out With Injury *RAW & SMACKDOWN! SPOILERS* - Updated!

Hard times seem to have fallen upon WWE, as another one of their top players suffered an injury at a recent house show in Poughkeepsie, New York.

This time it was Mr. Kennedy who more or less tore his tricep right off the bone during a match. For those watching RAW last night, that was the reason why he dropped his Money In The Bank briefcase to Edge in a short match.

According to PWInsider.Com, Kennedy will soon undergo surgery for his injury and looks to be out of action for around 5 to 7 months.

Personally, this has got to be a huge loss for WWE, as I feel Kennedy is one of the best wrestlers they have on their roster at the moment. Boy, the SmackDown! brand is just pure out of luck these days, aren't they?


Well, it appears that no one should count their chickens before they hatch, as it seems that the initial injury report on Mr. Kennedy was worse than it really was.

According to early reports, Kennedy would miss approximately 5 to 7 months following surgery. Now, WWE.Com are reporting that Kennedy will NOT require surgery at all, and will merely need to rest his arm for just 6 to 8 weeks before being able to return to the ring.

So, all this Edge business could easily have been avoided, so it looks as if WWE will have to conjure up some new type of plan instead of the one originally thought out.

News courtesy of WWE.Com:

"Speedy recovery for Kennedy?

By Zack Zeigler
Written: May 9, 2007

Edge may not want to get too comfortable wearing the World Heavyweight Championship around his Rated-R waist. WWE.com has received word that the initial prognosis for Mr. Kennedy’s arm injury was overstated. Based on Kennedy’s extensive MRI at the Birmingham, Ala. offices of Dr. James Andrews, WWE’s Dr. Ferdinand Rios now reports that the SmackDown Superstar’s triceps tendon “was not torn from the bone as originally reported and will not require surgery.”

Due to the severity of Kennedy’s hematoma a collection of blood within a tissue or organ he is still not cleared to compete from a medical standpoint.

“He’s still vulnerable to injury and the arm remains badly swollen,” said Dr. Rios. “I’d expect him to be out of action for about six to eight weeks.”

Upon hearing the positive report, WWE.com caught up with the former Money in the Bank holder. Though clearly relieved, he’s already shifting his focus from a likely six months of recovery time to plotting his next move.

“This is great news for me; I don’t have a torn muscle,” Kennedy said. “But the good news for me is really, really bad news for Edge. He took something from me…took advantage of my unfortunate situation. Now he and everyone else have just a short amount of time to worry about what I’m going to do when I get back.”"

2007-May-08 08:51 am by Mr Taco

by Psycho @ 08 May 2007 10:32 pm
Disaster! crying

by D-Boy @ 09 May 2007 06:43 pm
This sucks. Mr. Kennedy was the only reason I was still watching WWE. It really guts me that he is injured. When is this man going to finally get what he deserves. The WWE Gold around his waist.

by Mr Taco @ 10 May 2007 09:33 am
Phew! Well, I sure am glad about this new news we're getting! Too bad though, I wanted to see if Kennedy would keep his MITB briefcase up until Mania, but at least now we'll see him feuding with Edge (I suppose) upon return. tongue

by D-Boy @ 13 May 2007 06:21 pm
Beat Edge, Take the Belt, reigning champ, screw money in the bank, its been used.
MR Kennedy will be back!

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