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Ultimo Dragon was almost forced to retire in 1999, when an arm surgery he underwent went wrong. He was in WCW at the time.

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Undertaker To Have Surgery, Out Of Action 6-8 Months

According to PWInsider.Com, Undertaker will required surgery to repair a torn tendon in his biceps soon, so it appears that his World Heavyweight Championship reign may be cut short due to this unfortunate injury.

This means that Undertaker could be out of WWE for approximately 6 to 8 months while recuperating from the surgery. Undertaker was originally slated to face Batista for the World Heavyweight title at Judgment Day, but may now be forced to drop the belt at an earlier SmackDown! event instead.

2007-May-03 09:48 pm by Mr Taco

by Mr Taco @ 03 May 2007 09:52 pm
It's a damn shame that an injury had to cut 'Taker's title reign short, I would have liked him to hold the belt up until SummerSlam at least. Then again, he is getting older and his body can't take the same kind of abuse it did earlier in his career, I'm sure you get more injury prone as time goes.

I wonder who will get the belt this time? I'm guessing they'll have a Battle Royal like they did when Kurt Angle won the belt last year, and I'm guessing it'll go back to Batista yet again. It would be nice to see someone new and unexpected win the belt, but I'm still guessing Batista wins it back.

by Challe3d @ 04 May 2007 01:34 pm
I vote for Keeen eh day

by Snajdarn @ 04 May 2007 05:17 pm
Carlito! That Would be unexpected. laughing laughing laughing

by Gizmo @ 05 May 2007 04:41 pm
I would like to see Kennedy with the belt but then he would have no use of his MitB-win. I'm guessing someone else will get the belt for a short while until Kennedy uses his contract. Maybe Benoit? Mvp gets the Us-belt and Benoit gets the big one.

by Mr Taco @ 06 May 2007 11:11 am
You really have no idea what WWE could be planning, anything could happen as they always say. One thing's for sure though, they are all busy trying to come up with a brilliant backup plan ASAP. Kind of what they did with Michaels when HHH got himself injured.

They could put the belt on Kennedy, you never know. Just because he's got the MITB doesn't mean he can't legally win a number one contender spot through some other match, and then win the belt. Then, whenever he loses the belt he can still get one more shot at it at WrestleMania 24 because of the briefcase.

I doubt we'll see Benoit with the belt anytime soon though, he just doesn't seem to be in for a push like that at the moment. It's a shame, though. I'm still guessing Batista will get the belt back and feud with someone like Booker or Kennedy. Just a hunch, could be wrong.

by Snajdarn @ 06 May 2007 07:52 pm
Carlito Carlito!!

by Macguyver @ 07 May 2007 02:00 pm
I hope Kennedy, but not booker he is injured right now, and I don't hope they give the title to Mark Henry :(

by Mr Taco @ 07 May 2007 08:40 pm
Oh yeah, Booker's injured.. forgot about that. Man, the SmackDown! roster of big guys is really growing thin, isn't it?

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