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The last ever match in ECW (prior to One Night Stand in 2005), before the company went under in 2001, was The Sandman vs. Justin Credible.

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Four Way Tag Team Ladder Match Removed From WWE No Way Out Card

Without any official explanation, the 4-way Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championship belts has been removed from the card of No Way Out.

Instead of seeing Champs Paul London and Brian Kendrick defend against the three teams of William Regal and Dave Taylor, the Hardy Boyz and MNM, we will now see the Champions defend their belts in a traditional 2-on-2 tag match against Deuce and Domino.

While no official explanation has been given, PWInsider.Com are reporting that the reason behind the removal of the potentially classic (yet again) match may be the fact that Vince McMahon has allegedly decided to stop the Hardys and MNM from teaming in the future. Both Hardys, as well as Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, will instead focus on singles careers on their respective brands.

If you ask me, this has got to be a big mistake on the part of WWE. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans are going to think twice about ordering the pay per view now, the Ladder match was more or less the major attraction for the event and now it's gone. I'm sure this match would have attracted more buyers than the cross-brand main event would have. Why not have the Ladder match anyway and THEN decide to split up the two teams? Oh well, when did WWE creative ever do anything that made sense these days, huh?

Well, so much for the rumored Hardys vs. MNM gimmick match at WrestleMania 23, then...

2007-Feb-12 08:38 pm by Mr Taco

by Challe3d @ 13 Feb 2007 08:08 am

This is just typical of wwe and vince. Why do they even have "tagteamdivisions" on their brands?They dont seem to use them as they should use em. Guys like Matt Hardy and jeff hardy are ok when they are single wrestler but put them togheter and they are main event material.

by Mr Taco @ 13 Feb 2007 08:44 am
I definitely agree with you here. I mean, London and Kendrick have held on to the Tag Team Championship belts since May last year. That's probably not because WWE feels strongly about them, but because like you said, they don't have much of a tag team division to begin with.

I really like Deuce and Domino right now, they have a powerhouse style that I really like (kind of like the Road Warriors, if you ask me) and they could really bring something to the division, but the tag team divisions in WWE really need some plastic surgery, and fast!

Same goes with the Cruiserweight division as well. Sure, Helms has held on to the title for a year now, but again I don't think that's because WWE thinks highly of him. I just think it's because there more or less is no real Cruiserweight division at the moment and just keep the belt on him because they have no clue what to do with it. Like the tag division, the Cruiserweight divisio needs some serious re-tooling.. wassat

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