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Charles Wright, who portrayed The Godfather, was also behind the skeletal facepaint of the "voodoo master" Papa Shango.

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Vince Asks Cruiserweights To Tone Down Risk Moves
WWE has asked their Cruiserweights to tone down on their high risk top rope maneuvers, more or less issuing a ban on moves such as the Shooting Star Press and 450 Splash. It is believed that this "recommendation" comes from Vince McMahon himself.

Their reasoning behind this is that these types of moves can be extremely dangerous if pulled off wrong (a la Billy Kidman giving Chavo Guerrero a concussion with a botched Shooting Star Press), and that by cutting down on these moves they can severely reduce the risk of injury.

According to PWInsider.Com, Paul London was notably upset after being told that he had to come up with a brand new finisher instead of his 450 Splash.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"As reported earlier this week in the PWInsider.com Elite section, World Wrestling Entertainment officials have made an effort to tone down several high flying moves, putting the word out that there is an unofficial ban of sorts on both the 450 splash and the shooting star press. The edict, said to have come down from Vince McMahon, is due to several recent injuries from the moves (Billy Kidman giving Chavo Guerrero a concussion with a shooting star, Juventud Guerrera nailing Paul London with a knee to the face with a 450 and causing a major scare, most notably). The edict actually went out about two weeks back to the Cruiserweights. When Paul London used a shooting star against Nunzio on a recent edition of Velocity, he was told not to do it again by WWE officials and to come up with a new finisher. London was said to have been noticeably upset about being told to tone down his style. It will be interesting to see how far the ban goes in what other top rope maneuvers are toned down and whether it will be similar to the tombstone/piledriver, where WWE will only allow Kane and The Undertaker to use the moves on big shows for dramatic effect."

2005-Aug-05 01:57 pm by Mr Taco

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