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Konnan filled in and wrestled as Max Moon in WWE for a short period of time, before the gimmick was dropped. The original Max Moon, Paul Diamond, had already left the WWE at the time.

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IGN Hands-On News On SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006
IGN, at their usual best, have posted their very first "hands-on" thoughts on WWE SmackDown! VS. RAW 2006, and some very cool and exiciting information has surfaced.

Here are just some of the goodies you can expect from the new game:

  • 40-50% of the old animations have been overhauled, and entrances have been rebuilt from scratch. Entrances are also more lifelike in a sense that they will be the same length as they are in real life.
  • Carlito has been confirmed as the only new wrestler for the game, at least for the time being. More new wrestlers will be confirmed, the game is still far from being finished. The same goes for the roster.
  • The Bra & Panties match has been replaced by the Fulfill Your Fantasy match. Basically, this is the second step of the Bra & Panties match, where you can choose to dress the Diva's in either nurse's uniforms, school girl outfits och French maid outfits. All "tearable", of course. Also, this match will take place inside a "red satin ring", and the now standard "catfight" bed and pillows will be present as well. Pillow fight! According to IGN, this match was "surprisingly fun" to play.
  • The Buried Alive match is talked about further, and the two steps that go into winning the match.
  • The all-new Backstage Brawl match was talked about as well, and it seems that this is the new backstage hardcore type of match. Not sure if this has fully replaced the Hardcore match option, but that's more or less what it is. You can choose to play this match in three different locales: the now revamped area, the bar or the new parking lot. New interactions with backstage stuff is promised, as is the new feature to be able to attack WWE staff members and such in these matches.
  • The Cage match is talked about, about all the upgrades for this match, how you can now escape the cage by going through the door or above the cage. Also talked about is a "secret" type of Cage match, called Legend Cage. No word on what this was all about, though.
  • Championship defenses and the Championship creation process has been revamped as well. You can now create tag team belts, and have "title for title" matches for your belts. There will also be several already existing belts from the get-go, such as WWE, World, Intercontinental, United States, Cruiserweight, Women's and Hardcore. Both pairs of Tag Team straps were there, as were a "surprise belt", which was not revealed in the article.

    A lot of other things were talked about in the article, of course, but I selected the juicier cuts of beef for you all to sink your teeth in. All I can say is reading about all these new features made me want the game even more! Alas, will November never come?

    To read the article, and check out the new videos (!), go to http://ps2.ign.com/articles/638/638978p1.html

  • 2005-Aug-04 10:11 pm by Mr Taco

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