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Current WWE stars Batista, John Cena, Simon Dean, Eugene, Rob Conway and both Doug and Danny Basham have all been the Ohio Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

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Juventud Upsetting People Within WWE?
According to PWTorch.Com, Juventud has been stirring up some heat with his latest choices of moves being performed in the ring. Apparently, Juvi recently used Hardcore Holly's Alabama Slam finishing move in a match, and this didn't sit too well with either Holly nor WWE.

Also, WWE are apparently a bit ticked off at the fact that Juventud has also used Paul London's 450 splash finisher in matches, messing them up as well.

News courtesy of PWTorch.Com:

"Juventud Guerrera is currently the subject of backstage heat for his actions in a recent match with Paul London. Despite being told not to do so, Guerrera used Hardcore Holly's "Alabama Slam," which, suffice it to say, did not make the veteran pleased. Holly reportedly told Rey Mysterio, who's considered Juvi's proverbial babysitter, to warn Guerrera about using the move.

Management and Paul London are also upset with Guerrera for performing the 450 splash, especially since he botched the move and landed on London's face.

A final factor in his heat with WWE comes from lowering his ring attire to reveal his upper body definition (Guerrera plans it out ahead of time and even oils his chest before matches). Road agents instructed Guerrera to keep his outfit on at all times."

2005-Jul-22 01:48 am by Mr Taco

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