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IGN Post Very First Info On SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006
IGN have posted info on the next game in the world-renowned SmackDown! series, this time entitled WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006. Apart from its more "sports game" oriented name, the game boasts several new additions to the gameplay. Additions that will no doubt take SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006 to unseen heights.

Subjects that weren't discussed, or at least still kept secret, were the online features of the game, the Season mode and the Create-A-Wrestler mode. Those will all be revealed at a later date.

Some of the stuff adressed in the article are:

  • The game will have a "momentum system" based gameplay, which is more or less a more streamlined combination of the traditional "build up your finisher" system and the recent "Clean/Dirty system".
  • There will be 2 new attributes this year, in addition to the already existing. Stamina will be all about how easily tired your superstar gets, while the Hardcore attribute will be all about how much damage you do with weapons and how easily you can counter weapon attacks.
  • Yes, there will be a Stamina-based system this year as well, where you will get more and more tired depending on what type of moves you do. There will also be several ways to "rest" and rebuild your Stamina during a match, adding to the more strategic gameplay of the series.
  • There will be a second irish whip this time around, a power irish whip that will let you toss people out of the ring or slam them into the walls of a steel cage (yes!), but that ultimately will take a heavy blow on your Stamina.
  • There will be a fifth grapple category this time around (by just pressing the Circle button), which will raise the number of moves your wrestler can pull of from 16 to 25.
  • The new match type for this years SmackDown! will be the Buried Alive match! This match, however, will apparently not be a traditional Buried Alive match, as you will have to place you opponent inside a casket before burying him! So, instead of the element of just having to bury your opponent, it makes it even more challenging by adding a second element to the match. Kind of a mix between a regular Buried Alive match and a Casket match, that is.
  • More backstage areas will be added this time. Not just one as in SmackDown! Vs. RAW.
  • There will be a stat-tracking profile system that will keep track of all your winnings, losses and other info, both in Exhibition and in the Season mode. This will also allow you to save multiple profiles on the same memory card.
  • There will be around 60 wrestlers this time around, plus around the regular 10+ Legends.
  • The voice-overs will return, and they will be in the Season this time as well.
  • Entrances have been improved. This time, there will be announcers present and the wrestlers won't "disappear" whenever the next wrestler enters. They will actually remain by the ring this time.

    To read the entire article (there's plenty of more info), go to http://ps2.ign.com/articles/631/631085p1.html

  • 2005-Jul-04 09:48 pm by Mr Taco

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