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When Paul Heyman brought in Rey Misterio Jr, Psicosis, Konnan, La Parka and Juventud Guerrera to ECW, it was the first major US exposure for the Mexican lucha libre style of wrestling.

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Sandman's Theme Not On ECW One Night Stand DVD + More ONS DVD News
According to PWInsider.Com, the Sandman's theme that was on the pay per view ("Enter Sandman" by Metallica) is NOT on the DVD for the event, which was recently released in the US. The track has been replaced with a more generic track, and the crowd singing along has also been muted.

This could have been expected, as WWE most likely couldn't get the rights to use the song on the DVD, but it still takes away quite a lot of the atmosphere of the original broadcast.

Several other changes have been made as well. The faulty Roadkill/Danny Doring promo has been omitted, some trailers have been changed, and some different camera shots have been added for at least the main event. Quite a lot of tinkering with this DVD, that is.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"There are several changes made to the ECW One Night Stand PPV on the DVD version, which was released yesterday. The Danny Doring and Roadkill promo, which was shown briefly and out of context live on the PPV, has been removed from the show. Ads for the Rise and Fall of ECW and WWE 24/7 replace the Vengeance and Rob Zombie movie ads. There is some slight editing during the main event as well, showing a different camera angle for the double DDT by Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGuillicuty to mask Beulah not hitting the DDT right.

For those wondering, the DVD is listed as TV-14, which means all the expletives are edited out. Interestingly though, Sandman saying, "E C F****ing W" at the end of the DVD during the post-brawl celebration is heard clear as day even though it was bleeped on the live PPV broadcast.

Speaking of Sandman, PWInsider.com received TONS of negative feedback for the fact that Sandman's ring music was changed from his Metallica performed theme to some generic WWE music. Worse still, the crowd noise is muted, so one of the most electric scenes of the entire event is lost on the DVD version. There's also a change to the Dudley Boyz theme as well."

2005-Jun-29 03:35 pm by Mr Taco

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