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Hawk and Animal of the Road Warriors (Legion of Doom in WWE) got the inspiration for not only their name but also their unique ring attires from the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

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Kurt Angle Bashes ECW + News On Invasions At One Night Stand
Kurt Angle has been bashing ECW in a recent interview, claiming that the company has more or less ruined wrestling. Angle claims that the hardcore ways of ECW spoilt fans into expecting too much from wrestling, forcing the industry to more or less become more violent.

In other ECW news, about One Night Stand in particular, word going around is that people are quite dissatisfied with the new direction WWE are taking the "ECW-only" pay per view. A lot of people have expressed their discontent with the idea that WWE will be bringing in people like Eric Bischoff and Kurt Angle, quite possibly with more WWE wrestlers as well, to "invade" and "spice up" the event.

WWE originally thought that the reason behind the poor ticket sales for the One Night Stand pay per view was because ECW stars could not draw alone, and that is why WWE stars will be brought in to "boosten" sales. However, it was the outrageously pricy ticket prices that were the real reason why people didn't buy tickets. WWE have now cut the prices, but they are keeping the WWE talent on the show.

I'm telling you, I was honestly considering buying the One Night Stand show on DVD, but if this whole "invasion" deal is anything but a quick thing, I'm not going to. If there are WWE vs. ECW matches on the card, I'm going to boycot the whole thing completely. Damn WWE, turning a goldmine into yet another "WCW invasion".

News courtesy of NoDQ.Com:

"Angle will be a part of a June 12 pay per view reunion special for Extreme Championship Wrestling, an organization that folded about five years ago (the naming rights to ECW are now owned by WWE). Still, the wrestler has no kind words for the extreme brand of grappling that was popular in the late 1990s.

"They almost ruined the business as a whole," Angle said of ECW. "Fans started to expect everyone and everybody to go through tables and get hung by barbed wire and it just really pulled the business back years and years."

Angle blames extreme wrestling and the expectations that followed with ECW's popularity for forcing about "20 wrestlers" to have neck surgery in recent years."

2005-Jun-03 08:55 am by Mr Taco

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