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KroniK, Brian Adams (Crush) and Bryan Clarke (Adam Bomb), wrestled one WWE pay per view match together before being fired for their poor performance. It was at Unforgiven 2001 against Undertaker and Kane.

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AJPW Champions Carnival Results
The annual big tournament from AJPW is now over. Here are the results...

For those of you who aren't familiar with the format of this tournament, it goes like this: the wrestlers are divided into two blocks. Each wrestler will face all the other competitors in their block in a round robin style tournament. 2 points are awarded for a victory and 1 point is awarded for a draw. The two wrestlers with the most points from each block will then advance to the semi finals. First, they will face an opponent from the other block. The final is between the two winners of the semi finals.

Here are the results from the blocks:

Block A:
1. Satoshi Kojima [7]
2. Kensuke Sasaki [6]
3. Taiyo Kea [5]
4. Arashi [4]
4. Giant Bernard [4]
6. Shuji Kondo [2]

Block B:
1. Toshiaki Kawada [7]
2. Jamal [6]
3. Chuck Palumbo [5]
3. Keiji Muto [5]
3. Buchanan [5]
6. Kohei Suwama [2]

There were a number of upsets this year! Just look at this:
- Giant Bernard (formerly known as A-train) wasn't pinned at all. His three losses were the result of DQ's and count-outs. Bernard was also victorious against Sasaki after only 8 minutes...
- Triple Crown champion Satoshi Kojima went to a 30 minute time limit draw against Taiyo Kea. Could this lead to a title match for Kea?
- The golden rookie Kohei Suwama got only one victory, but it wasn't a small one! Suwama defeated the Japanese legend Keiji Mutoh.

In the semi finals, Jamal managed to defeat Triple Crown champion Satoshi Kojima. Kensuke Sasaki was the winner of the tournament, defeating both Kawada and Jamal.

This surely shakes up the situation around the title. Kea, Jamal and (most importantly) Sasaki will probably get title matches in a couple of months. And since Giant Bernard wasn't pinned at all, we can't rule him out of the picture either. Obviously, AJPW decided to give us more credible challengers rather than portraying Kojima as a strong champion.

2005-Apr-22 04:24 pm by perkoff

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