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Olivia Walker is the woman who created all of Ric Flair's robes. She originally made 22, but a lot of them have been lost over the years. About 7 of them are still in Ric's possession.

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Info On Road Warriors DVD, 2 Discs Worth Of Classic Matches!
SilverVision.Co.Uk have posted info on the 2-disc Road Warriors DVD on their site. The DVD is entitled Road Warriors: The Life & Death of Wrestling's Most Dominant Tag Team (now that's a title!), and it features tons of matches throughout their entire career.

Matches from NWA, AWA, WCW and WWE, along with some of their matches from Japan, are all on this package. To be honest, if you're a fan of the Road Warriors (the Legion Of Doom in WWE), you definitely MUST get this DVD. I know I will.

The DVD can be pre-ordered (PAL version) through the SilverVision site, at a bargain price of £15.99.

News courtesy of SilverVision.Co.Uk:

"This is a 2-disc set.

History's most feared tag team returns...

They "snacked on danger, and dined on death" for two decades, dominating professional wrestling and immortalizing themselves as the only team ever to hold all three major titles (NWA(WCW), AWA, WWE).

Hawk and Animal, better known as The Legion of Doom, rampaged through the AWA, NWA, All Japan Pro Wrestling, WCW and WWE.

In this DVD, the stunning journey unfolds, from their auspicious debut in the early 1980s to the tragic death of Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand in 2003. Ride along with the Road Warrior's most memorable bouts, interviews and more.

Brutal. Commanding. Unforgettable.

Oh, What a Rush!

Disc One Extras

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling (11/06/83) vs. Joe Young & Randy Barber

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling (07/08/83} vs. Arn Anderson & Paul Jones

NWA World Championship Wrestling Omni (28/08/83) Texas Tornado Match vs. The Brisco Brothers
Commentary by: Jim Ross & Animal

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling (03/01/83) vs. Mike Jackson & Stone

AWA All Star Wrestling (25/08/84) AWA World Tag Title Championship vs. Baron von Raschke & The Crusher
Alternate Commentary by: Jim Ross & Animal

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling (27/08/83)

AWA All Star Wrestling (28/07/84)

AWA ESPN Championship Wrestling (15/10/85)

NWA World Championship Wrestling (03/10/87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling (10/10/87)

NWA World Championship Wrestling (28/01/89)

WCW Wrestle War (25/02/90)

Brutus the Barber Beefcake's BarberShop Wrestling Challenge (28/09/91)

Royal Rumble (21/01/92)

In Your House: Degeneration X (07/12/97)

Hawk Tribute Part 1 Confidential (08/11/03)

Hawk Tribute Part 2 Confidential (08/11/03)

Trophy Room

Paul Ellering "Go For It"

Michaels Hayes "A Lesson in Striving for Success"

Road Warriors Music Video

Disc Two Extras

AWA All Star Wrestling (21/08/85) vs. Larry 'the Axe' & Curt Hennig

Superclash (28/09/85) AWA World Tag Team Title Match vs. The Fabulous Freebirds

Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Tag Team Tournament Cup (19/04/86) vs. Magnum TA & Ronnie Garvin
Commentary by: Jim Ross & Animal

Great American Bash (05/07/86) Russian Chain Match vs. Ivan & Nikita Kolaff

Starrcade (27/11/86) Scaffold Match vs. Midnight Express

Starrcade (29/11/87) NWA Tag Team Championship vs. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson

New Orleans (29/10/88) NWA World Tag Team Championship vs. Midnight Express

Challenge (09/02/91) vs. Demolition

Wrestlefest (12/03/91) vs. Hart Foundation

Tokyo Egg Dome (30/03/91) vs. Hulk Hogan & Genichiro Tenryu
Japanese Commentary, Alternate Commentary by: Jim Ross & Animal

Summerslam (26/08/91) WWE Tag Team Championship vs. Nasty Bays

Summerslam (29/08/92) vs. Money Inc.

Superbrawl (02/11/96) WCW Tag Team Championship Match vs. Sting & Lex Luger

Raw (13/10/97) WWE Tag Team Championship vs. The Godwinns"

2005-Apr-15 12:25 pm by Mr Taco

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