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Chris Benoit's wife, Nancy, used to be the Sandman's manager in ECW, as "Woman". She also portraited the "Woman" character in WCW.

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All Japan - 2/16 "REALIZE" Results
BIG things are happening at this AJPW Show! We have the results from the show at Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium. The title match, the Suwama trail series, the visitor from New Japan.

The 17 month long title reign has been ended! After 27:04, Satoshi Kojima pinned Toshiaki Kawada with a lariat to win the Triple Crown title. Kojima's win-loss-record for the past months is far from excellent, so this was indeed a huge surprise for almost everyone of us. This is the biggest accomplishment in his career - the Triple Crown title is considered one of the most important titles in the world. He has been chasing the title for 3 years now and finally his dream has become true.

Kojima and the Triple Crown

Kohei Suwama's trial series continued as he faced Kensuke Sasaki. The match ended after 7:31 when Sasaki hit him with a lariat. I expected Suwama to endure longer with his opponent, but we should keep in mind that Sasaki was one of the most improved wrestlers during the past year. It would indeed take a lot for a "young lion" to look good compared to him.

Keiji Mutoh defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi from NJPW with a moonsault press. The bout lasted for 18:49 and at one point, Tanahashi was close to a victory after hitting a Dragon Suplex followed by a German Suplex. After the match Muto shook Tanahashi's hand and they agreed that they had just put on a good match. Tanahashi is a promising young competitor who already has had a couple of impressive victories, but Mutoh is Mutoh... perhaps one of the most well-known japanese wrestlers in the world (formerly known as Great Muta, for those of you who followed WCW).

6,000 fans attended the sold-out arena, according to AJPW. *cough* lies *cough*

2005-Feb-17 01:30 am by perkoff

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