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Brock Lesnar Files Lawsuit Against Former Employers
Former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar reportedly filed a lawsuit against his former company, claiming that WWE are ruining his life with their "no compete" contract clause.

No word on how much money Lesnar would possibly be after, but I'm willing to bet that this in no way will benefit the Lesnar/WWE relationship.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"The Connecticut Post is reporting that Brock Lesnar filed a restraint of trade lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment in federal court in Bridgeport, CT yesterday. The crux of Lesnar's argument is that when he asked out of his WWE deal last year after saying he was burned out by the travel end of the business and so that he could try out for the NFL, he was released only after he agreed to sign a six-year no-compete clause. The contract he was working under at the time only had a one-year no compete clause in it, but to get out of his obligations to WWE and have them void the contract, they asked him to sign a six-year no compete clause. He did so, most probably thinking that his life would go much differently than it has and that he would never need to return to the world of wrestling.

The new no-compete deal that he signed keeps him "from appearing, participating in or associating with any professional wrestling, ultimate fighting or any sports entertainment enterprise through June 30, 2010." Last month, Lesnar was a guest at New Japan's Tokyo Dome, which is technically a violation of the deal he signed with WWE to get out of his contract. Lesnar's lawyer, David Bradley Olsen was quoted as saying, "So what it's saying is he can't work in his chosen line of profession anywhere in the entire world for the next five years. That's so broad." Olsen added that he wants the no-compete overturned in court because he feels it's "overly broad, unreasonable, oppressive, unfair and inequitable. As a professional athlete, Lesnar has only a limited window of opportunity during which youth and physical conditioning allow him to maximize his potential earnings."

WWE's head legal counsel Jerry McDevitt said WWE will fight the suit. The article quoted him as saying, "We put a ton of money and time into promoting him as a star." At this time, the case is scheduled to go forward in the Hartford, CT Federal Court, barring a settlement between the parties.

My take is that he knew what he was signing when he signed it and that is what a contract is all about, two sides of sound mind agreeing to a contract. Brock knew what he was doing when he did it, and when things didn't work out the way he wanted, he know wants to go back and fix a mistake he made. It's absurd to say that it's "too broad". It's actually very specific and anyone from the wrestling world knows that. My hunch is that after making repeated attempts to contact Vince McMahon to come back to work for WWE and not getting a deal, he is taking the next step to try and get back into wrestling."

2005-Feb-08 03:22 pm by Mr Taco

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