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Both Lance Cade and Brian Kendrick were trained at Shawn Michaels' Wrestling Academy.

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Jeff Hardy Confirmed For NWA-TNA, Live Confirmation
ProWrestling.Com have confirmed that Jeff Hardy did indeed work a match for NWA-TNA at their anniversary show recently. Hardy worked a match against AJ Styles, and the match itself was said to be a good one.

No word as of yet as to whether or not this was just a one-show deal, or if Hardy is slated for a wrestling return and to sign with NWA-TNA.

News courtesy of ProWrestling.Com:

"I just returned home from the TNA @ year anniversary show, and witnessed the national return of Jeff Hardy (he has returned once before, to ROH, but it was neither national nor good.)

The crowd popped for him huge. I got chills myself, being a Hardy fan from way back in the day, and yet also being a huge Styles fan today.

The scene was reminiscent to me of Rock v. Hogan at WM X8. The crowd started with a "Hardy" chant that faded into an "AJ" chant then back again, for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

Hardy performed very well, and the two styles, of AJ and Hardy melded well together. Hardy hit all his signature moves (Compressor and the Swanton) And the fans were treated to a no-ending run in from Kid Kash and Dallas, leading AJ and Hardy to team up in an effort to get Kash and Dallas out.

Hardy then made the motion of the belt being his, and teased a possibility of a return to challenge.

Hardy was very appriciative of the fans, showing his respect for us by bowing and thanking the fans at ringside (of which I happened to be one.)

All in all it was a good match, Hardy showed little to no ring rust, though most of the match was kinda basic.

I would absolutely make sure to watch Impact to see the replay and see if Hardy does indeed show up there. He was spotted taping a promo backstage after the show."

2004-Jun-24 04:31 pm by Mr Taco

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