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The first title Chris Jericho held in the US, was the ECW Television title.

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John Bradshaw Layfield Crosses The Line By Using Nazi Salute On House Show
John Bradshaw Layfield seems to be in some serious trouble after using quote unquote nazi mannerisms in order to get heat out of a crowd at a WWE house show in Munich, Germany.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"As we reported over the weekend, on Saturday in Munich, Germany, John Bradshaw Layfield did some of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi mannerisms in an extremely misguided attempt to get heel heat for his match against Eddie Guerrero at the building. I have talked to a number of people in WWE who think that JBL totally crossed the bounds of decency and good taste, even by wrestling standards, by doing this. I don’t know what he could have possibly been thinking, but a number of readers I have heard from are irate about his actions, with them saying they will take action that ranges from writing to CNBC to get Bradshaw removed from his spot there to contacting the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to report him for what he did (and from what a number of German readers told me any paying of tribute to Hitler is illegal in their country). Again, I find Bradshaw’s decision to do this utterly deplorable. The actions of Hitler are hardly something someone should use to try and get heel heat from in a wrestling match. Only a pathetic imbecile would do something like that."

No word as to whether or not Layfield will get reprimanded for his actions, but so far it seems that the actions of Mr. Layfield has been causing quite a ruckus in the wrestling world.

2004-Jun-07 07:38 pm by Mr Taco

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