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Gail Kim Injured
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Broken collarbone sidelines Gail Kim for 4-6 weeks
by Phil Speer

HOUSTON Nov. 18, 2003 Gail Kim fractured her right collarbone last night while wrestling Trish Stratus in a match taped for this Sunday’s HEAT. She will miss the next four to six weeks while she recovers.

“I’ve never had an injury before,” said Gail, who attended SmackDown! tonight after getting an X-ray late last night. “I’ve been hurt, but not in a permanent way.”

Her right arm in a sling, the Toronto native explained this afternoon that she wasn’t sure exactly how the injury happened. She was planning to watch a tape of the match to figure it out.

In fact, Gail didn’t even realize she was hurt until after the match. Referee Jack Doan asked her if she was OK, and she said she was. But as she stood up, she felt a pain in her shoulder area.

“It was more than normal discomfort,” she said. “I thought it was cartilage (damage) maybe. You could hear it cracking. It sounded like knuckles.”

Gail put on an ice bag, and as time when on, she began to notice that the pain wasn’t exactly in her shoulder, but was closer to her neck area. She went to the training room, where RAW trainer Chris Brannan and a doctor who was on hand noticed a difference in the feeling of her two collarbones. They suggested that her right one was broken, which was later confirmed through X-rays.

The Korean beauty walked around backstage remarkably calm yesterday for someone with a broken collarbone, which is said to be among the most painful breaks.

“The doctor was saying, ‘If it is a collarbone (break), you must have a really high tolerance for pain.’ I said, ‘I think I do.’”

At the hospital, the doctor also told her, “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, it’s broken. The good news is, if you had to break it, it was the cleanest way to do it.”

The former Women’s Champion explained that the break was “clean,” and the bone was not displaced, which should accelerate her recovery. It would be an understatement to say that she wants to return as soon as possible.

“I’m a little disappointed because I felt like I was just getting in the swing of things, especially in the ring,” Kim said.

2003-Nov-20 02:05 pm by Chicken King

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