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Andre The Giant was undefeated for a staggering 15 years in the WWE.

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Gregory Helms Needing Neck Surgery, Out For 1 Year

Gregory Helms will undergo surgery this Monday to repair his badly damaged neck, a condition that is the results of Helms' many years in the ring.

Helms will most likely need fusion surgery for his neck, which will result in approximately 1 year's worth of recovery time. So, add Helms to the growing list of people who are either injured or recovering from surgery.

To read the full article on the upcoming surgery of Gregory Helms, click here.

2007-May-18 09:57 pm by Mr Taco

by Macguyver @ 20 May 2007 10:25 am
Damn! I will miss helms, hopes everything will be good and when he returns I hope he will get a good push

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