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Shelton Benjamin teamed with Brock Lesnar in Ohio Valley Wrestling, under the name of the Minnesota Stretching Crew. No doubt as an homage to the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Arn and Ole Anderson.

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WWE Releases Vito From His Contract

WWE.Com are reporting that Vito has been released from his WWE contract. After last being seen wearing various dresses, he hasn't been used on WWE television in ages so this release should have come as no surprise.

With the recent releases of Rob Conway and Too Cold Scorpio, could this be the beginning of yet another massive "firing binge" on the part of WWE?

News courtesy of WWE.Com:

"Vito released
Written: May 15, 2007

WWE has come to terms on the release of Vito. We wish Vito all the best in all future endeavors."

2007-May-15 06:42 pm by Mr Taco

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