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2007-Mar-30 12:59 pm by Mr Taco

by Tren plays SvR07 @ 30 Mar 2007 05:35 pm
Here's an idea: Why not introduce the Freebird rule in SvR08? It will maybe not be much, but it would be kinda cool. And also add the Freebirds as Legends. I want to watch P.S. Hayes do the Moonwalk, darnit! "BAAAAADSTREET, ATLANTA, GA!"

Ehm, sorry. After I saw Michael Hayes' entrance at Wrestlemania X-7 Gimmick Battle Royal, I thought "Whoa, cool music and entrance! ME WANT MORE!" So a little too much Freebird for me :P

by nzguy @ 01 Apr 2007 07:32 pm
nah they need open it up to the web more and create a SvR08 world championship i am yet to find a gamer worthy of me when it comes to wrestling and would love to beat the ass of some big mouth american

by Tren @ 01 Apr 2007 08:41 pm
Sorry for straying too far off topic here, but Wrestlemania 23 is ON in a couple of hours, and I just wanted to share some of my predictions for the event (since the FFW staff haven't done it). Here it goes:

WWE United States Championship Match
Chris Benoit (c) VS Montel Vontavious Porter
Whoa, this must be special for Antonio Banks (MVP). After just about half a year on the WWE roster, and he's gonna go against one of his idols on the grandest stage of them all (for those of you who doesn't know; Mr. Banks used the Crippler Crossface during his independent days, which was aptly named T.T.B.: Tribute To Benoit).
Now, with that being said, I'm thinking that MVP will manage to win the US title in a very screwy way, much like JBL did the year before. Gone are the days of Benoit main-eventing Wrestlemania :(

Kane VS The Great Khali
Man, this has the potential of being the WORST MATCH EVER. I have no belief in The Great Khali whatsoever. Like I care.

WWE Women's Championship Lumberjill Match
Melina (c) VS Ashley
Sooo, last year we had Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James, to very talented female workers who put up a good match. This will be EXCACTLY the same. Only completely different. I mean, c'mon, Trashley vs. Annoying Screeching Girl? Are we expecting ANYTHING here? Other than the fact that if we tossed Joey Styles into the commentary team here, he would just constantly scream "CATFIGHT! CATFIIIIGHT!" during the entire match? (Sadly, that would still not be enough to drown out Melina's screams of utter ANNOYANCE!)
Well, at least they manage to toss in the remaining divas to spice it up a bit (but not a whole lot).
WINNER: Ashley. Who cares?

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Rob Van Dam, Sabu, The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer VS
Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von
WWE's version ECW has never been quite like the original. The final nail in the coffin will come when the New Breed defeats the Originals. Because that is EXTREME, and it is what the ECW fans WANT! Bleh.
WINNER: The Teacher Squad! Or Vampire Hoodlums. Whatever you like.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Edge VS CM Punk VS King Booker VS Jeff Hardy VS
Mr. Kennedy VS Matt Hardy VS Finlay VS Randy Orton
Ohh, this needs a little analyzing. First let's take out the people that will NOT win.
CM Punk is the only guy from ECW in this matchup. And ECW is pretty much dead anyway, so making him win it is just stupid. Plus he's not so hot backstage either, so NO PUSH FOR YOU!
The Hardy Men (they are no longer boyz, y'know) have the job of bringing the ladder match to a whole new level, but none of them will actually win it. Expect some really cool spots, though.
Finlay is a wrestling veteran. Wrestling veterans rarely get main-event championship pushes. Just look at Ric Flair. Finlay might get a couple of US title chances, but no big leagues.
Now anyone of the rest (Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Randy Orton and Edge) could very well leave Wrestlemania with the briefcase. But I believe the most logical choice would either be Orton or Edge. Edge has a nice Wrestlemania streak going, and has been in many ladder-style matches before. But don't leave Orton out! He's known as the Legend Killer, and now is his chance to become the STREAK KILLER (after he blew his chance with the Undertaker). Besides, Orton was champ for only a month. He NEEDS a more convincing title run.

"Battle Of The Billionaires" Hair Vs. Hair Match
Umaga (Vince McMahon) VS Bobby Lashley (Donald Trump)
Special Guest Referee: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
WINNER: Not Mr. McMahon's man(e).

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) VS Shawn Michaels

I want Michaels to win here. But he will probably not. I mean, during Wrestlemania 22, Cena made Shawn's buddy Triple H tap out. CLEANLY! Now who else has made Hunter tap out CLEANLY on the grandest stage of them all? Chris Benoit. Who Cena made tap out CLEANLY on RAW. There is no God. I bet Cena'll make Michaels tap out cleanly too, just to piss me off.
WINNER: The Marine Cena.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista (c) VS The Undertaker
Nobody ends Undertaker's streak. NO ONE! Undertaker will win, but perhaps with a DQ or count-out, meaning that Batista retains his championship.

Hope this was insightful.

by Mr Taco @ 01 Apr 2007 09:41 pm
No problem with going a bit off topic, that's a-ok with me. tongue

Ok, I might as well throw in my predictions on WrestleMania 23 in here as well. I'll do my best and see if I'm correct about at least half of them tomorrow.

Mr Taco's predictions:

Benoit vs. MVP: I think MVP will win this one. Benoit is going nowhere with the US belt anyway (ok, he's going nowhere PERIOD these days it seems..), and I think MVP would benefit from winning the belt at 'Mania no less. MVP is starting to grow on me actually. I like the character, but he still sucks on the mic and could improve his wrestling as well. Winning the US belt could be the boost he needs.

Kane vs. Khali: I'll tell you who won't win.. the fans! I predict that this match is more or less going to be quite horrendous. Kane is not the best wrestler in the world but against the right opponent he can momentarily shine.. but he won't against Khali. He won't be able to carry Khali through to a passable match I think, but we'll see. This one should have been a gimmick match of sorts, like No DQ or Meat Hook match.. or whatever you're supposed to call those things Kane have been chasing Khali with. Kane wins this one, Khali gets fired (one can only dream, right?).

Women's Championship match: Melina retains, that's all I need to say. If Ashley wins it, it'll be a new low in the already lower than low Women's division. Ashley's only on 'Mania because she's done nudies for Playboy, whoop-dee-frickin'-doo! Melina deserves to keep the belt..

ECW Originals vs. New Breed: This match should have been contested under Extreme Rules or something, an all-out brawl where the originals show the "New Breed" who is on top of the hardcore scene. It's still interesting to see what will happen, but Extreme Rules would have been the ultimate. I think the ECW originals win this one.

Money In The Bank: So many to choose from, but I think Mr. Kennedy will win. He seems to be getting the biggest push as of late, if you don't count Edge. I doubt Orton will win this one actually, but I could be wrong. Orton seems to be in a bit of trouble with WWE at the moment, but we'll see. I think Edge will finally lose at 'Mania, and Kennedy is on his way to superstardom. Miiisteeeeeeeeeeeer Kennedyyyyyy!!! ... ... KENNEDY!! Gotta love that! laughing

Battle of the Billionaires: Lashley's got to win this one, I wouldn't care that much if Trump gets his head shaved. What everyone more or less is begging for in this one is seeing Vince being SHAVED BALD! I would absolutely love that, truth be told. I hope Vince realizes that this is what the fans would most like to see and sacrifice his precious locks tonight. Lashley topples the monster Umaga and wins.

WWE Championship Match: I think Cena is kind of boring actually. I don't hate him, but when compared to the Heartbreak Kid, he's a no talent wrestler. Michaels has got a gagillion moves in his arsenal and is one of the biggest icons of all time, Cena's got 5 moves tops and couldn't fill Shawn's jockstrap (clichéed, but true). WWE needs to do the right things and let HBK win this one and become WWE Champ for the 4th time, it's the only way to go! If HBK loses, I will be pissed off, that's for sure.. No, positive energy here.. HBK MUST WIN!

World Heavyweight Championship: Come on WWE, Batista is a steaming pile of crap when it comes to wrestling, he's mediocre on the mic and sorely lacks charisma.. get the damn belt OFF him already! I don't hate the guy, but man does he bore me to tears with his stiff powerhouse wrestling. I hope Batista gets booed out of his boots whenever he lays a finger on the Dead Man. Undertaker on the other hand, much like HBK, is a legend in everyone's mind and a consummate professional. If him winning the Rumble ends up with a DQ win over Batista in order to keep his streak intact, I will be appalled. 'Taker needs to accomplish 2 things tonight.. not just 1 of them, either one.. he needs to 1) keep the streak intact with a clean win, and 2) he needs to take the World Heavyweight belt off Batista. I mean, come on, 'Taker's not getting any younger and giving him one (perhaps his last) more go with a major title is the only decent thing to do. And by letting him win it at WrestleMania nonetheless. So, I'm going to go 2 for 2 and say that both Michaels and Undertaker win straps tonight! It happened in 2005 when Cena and Batista won the titles, it can happen again this year!

That's what I'm picking for tonight. tongue

by D-Boy @ 02 Apr 2007 06:29 am
Tren, Taco, Your picks were both out! Well Tren you got 1. Taco faired a bit better. The deadman won - WWE would not break the streak of a legend. Cena won, I never saw that coming..... and Benoit won - interesting?? MVP was coming up in the world. Khali - Kane was horrible to watch. Sticking needles in my eyes would of been more satisfying. The womens match was woeful as was the ECW match. The Money in the bank match was fantastic, my favourite of the lot, Mr Kennedy deserved to win it, he is the consumate performer. Is edge ok or was that planned? Needless to say backlash for edge and Jeff hardy is all sown up. I actually thought the whole wrestlemaina was quite average. WM22 was alot better.
Mr Taco, you should have a comments section in the website that you can talk about anything to do with wrestling, not just the subjects on offer. Make the site better too. Anyhow, love your work

by nzguy @ 02 Apr 2007 07:19 pm
well d-boy since i watched the event with you and along the way we agreed and disagreed on things i cant believe hbk lost mvp should have won mr ken was very deservant and wwe was never going to stop the dead mans streak...i agree though money in the bank was awsome hbk cena was good taker batista was good the rest was like watching goldberg and brock...boring

by D-Boy @ 02 Apr 2007 09:20 pm
THey couldn't let HBK win. When HHH comes back he will get jealous again and DX will fold just like before. Cena will lose at Backlash or he will lose to HHH when he returns. The undertaker/Batista fight was ok, it doesn't deserve legend status either. It was almost like it played itself out. Khali must be fired. end of story, he is shite. Kane to be honest faired not that much better. I was disappointed that MVP lost, He fought well and his image within the business is getting better. Get rid of the womens championship. The whole thing was lost when Lita and Trish Status retired, No one can step up to there level, not now, not in the near future.
Mr Kennedy was by far the stand out performer of the whole event, the guy reeks confidence and can back it up in the ring. In a candid interview with Batista when WWE came to New Zealand, Batista said that Mr Kennedy was the next big thing. You watch, within the next 12 months Mr Kennedy will be the Champ, and I don't mean smackdown either.
As for the Hair vs Hair fight, Vince you the man and all but enough gimmicks, you need to focus on some of the more pressing issues like trying to get the tag team division back on its feet again as well as the womens division. Lasley fought well, Umaga was average and Stone cold was great, PLease oh please let the rock come back one last time.

by Mr Wrestling @ 04 Apr 2007 09:05 pm
A wrestlemania without hogan :( He should have been there to spice things up... but he will be back ;D

by Mr Taco @ 05 Apr 2007 07:51 am
Oh well, so HBK didn't win, but my predictions panned out pretty well nonetheless. 5 out of 8 matches, only got Benoit/MVP, Kane/Khali and Cena/HBK wrong. Pretty good.

I'm glad 'Taker got the win, it was a big win for him at this point in his career if you ask me, and he deserved to be put in the top spot once again.

Well, HBK didn't win the gold but it seems that the feud will continue. Hopefully Shawn will snatch that title from Cena somewhere down the line, it's just that a WrestleMania win would have been so much sweeter.

Overall, WrestleMania 23 was a very enjoyable event. I thought it was better last year though, but there were some great matches this year as well.

by Tren @ 05 Apr 2007 06:42 pm
I only got 3/8 matches correct? Aw man.

Gotta agree with you, Taco. It was an enjoyable Wrestlemania, but not quite as good as last year. Let's recap a little:

Money in the Bank Ladder match: Quite fun, better than last year, but not quite like the first one. Some cool spots, including Jeff Hardy killing Edge (the Edge that appeared on Raw was just a clone. A CLONE! IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY!), CM Punk emulating the Terry Funk ladder-on-shoulder-merry-go-round (CM Funk?), RKO off the ladder, Book-End off the ladder, and some serious midget abuse by Kennedy. Entertaining.

Khali vs. Kane: Kane had the hook, but didn't use it :(. The only cool thing here was Kane bodyslamming Khali (Woo!). Which was followed by Khali squashing Kane with BRAIN CHOP and CHOKEBOMB OF DOOM (Boo!). Dat's bad.

US title match: Benoit wins by pinfall? Well, guess MVP messed up his arm so bad (nice psychology there), so crossface was out of the equation. A nice match.

Heavyweight title match: Whoa, early on the card. This was actually suprisingly better than I thought it would be. Some nice spots, and a nice finish. YAY!

The ECW Originals vs. The New Breed: This was ignorable. It should have been an Extreme Rules match, like the main event at Tuesday's ECW. Now that was actually a good match that showed what the original ECW was all about.

"Battle Of The Billionaires" Hair Vs. Hair Match: As a match, it wasn't all that good. But damn, it was entertaining. Aftermath: Vince McMahon looks now like Lex Luthor! w00t

Women's title match: NEXT!!

WWE title match: Turned out actually quite good. Cena had a nice entrance too (yay Mustang), and the crowd didn't give him a chance. Of course, Cena won, but hey, it was a good match overall.

And that's that.

by Mr Taco @ 06 Apr 2007 09:14 pm
I definitely agree with you about the ECW match, the match this week on ECW television should have been booked for WrestleMania instead. While the Mania match was sort of enjoyable, it would have blown everything on the card away if they had let them gone all-out Extreme Rules like they did this Tuesday. That match was just amazing!

You'd think that WWE and Vince would know that a lot of the fans love the hardcore style of wrestling, especially since Edge vs. Foley was one of the most beloved matches at last years WrestleMania. Or maybe WWE just didn't want the ECW match to outshine everything else on the card, which it more or less would have if they had booked it as Extreme Rules. It would probably have been better than the Money In The Bank match even.

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