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The Sandman started out in ECW with a surfer gimmick, wrestling in a wetsuit and everything. He was obviously (and thankfully) changed into the lovable character he is today.

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A Grand Total Of 12 Superstars Released From Their WWE Contracts (3rd Update!)
WWE.Com are reporting that WWE has released both the tag team of Gymini, as well as Gangrel, from their respective contracts.

Gangrel has not been seen on WWE television for quite a while now, but was apparently training in WWE's developmental area of Deep South Wrestling for a possible role further down the line. Apparently, they didn't have anything for him at this point in time.

As for Gymini, you may or may not remember them as the muscular tag team brought in by Simon Dean months ago. You don't? Well, it should come as no surprise since they haven't been used on WWE television in ages now. And, as Dean is now working with the development of talent, WWE saw fit to release the twosome.

News courtesy of WWE.Com:

"WWE releases Superstars
Written: January 18, 2007

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Gangrel (David Heath) and the tag team Gymini (Mike and Todd Shane). WWE wishes all three talents the best in their future endeavors."


Well, it appears that WWE are in cost-cutting mode at the moment, as they have released a few more wrestlers before the day was even over.

This time, Tony Mamaluke, Al Snow and the Basham Brothers have been released from their respective contracts. Well, almost. Apparently, Al Snow will stay with the company in the position of a trainer, but he has been stripped of his wrestling duties. So, in a way, he hasn't really been released from the company.


More wrestlers have been released since the last update, so it seems that WWE are in one of their infamous "roster cuts of the year" again. This time newcomer Sylvester Terkay, C.W. Anderson, Jazz and Rodney Mack have been released as well.

Terkay made kind of an impact on SmackDown! a while back, before apparently taking the back seat to his "trainer", Elijah Burke. While Burke still remains part of the ECW roster (for now, you never know..), it seems that Terkay didn't impress WWE enough to avoid getting the boot.

C.W. Anderson was hired as part of the "new ECW", but was more or less abandoned then and there. He hasn't been on ECW television for ages, so his release came as no surprise.

Same goes for former Women's Champion Jazz, who was also brought along in the new ECW. She was used a grand total of one match if memory serves me correctly, so no surprises here either.

Jazz's husband, Rodney Mack, was re-hired by the WWE a few months back, but was only used as a trainer of sorts for a lot of the wrestlers on the ECW brand. While not in a very important on-air role, Mack was still let go.

To check out a list of the released wrestlers so far, go here.


One more wrestler has been added to the list of released superstars, as SmackDown! wrestler Tatanka has also been let go by the company.

2007-Jan-18 05:46 pm by Mr Taco

by krille @ 19 Jan 2007 08:24 pm
Vince has gone mad

by Mr Taco @ 19 Jan 2007 09:01 pm
This happens almost every year, they release the ones who didn't "click" with the fans in order to cut costs, no matter whether or not they actually got the time to get over with the fans.

They bring in some new faces to try them out with the fans, and eventually bring back some of the ones they fired because they may have something to offer them after all. Sort of what happened to Charlie Haas, he was let go because they didn't have anything for him but was recently brought back.

I guess it's part of the evolution of wrestling, or the evolution of the WWE rather.

by Gizmo @ 21 Jan 2007 05:46 pm
I suspect that some of the released wrestlers will turn up on TNA....

by Angry Anderson @ 21 Jan 2007 07:12 pm
I sure hope none of thease nobs turn upp in TNA. For once I agree with Vince on this.

by nzguy @ 22 Jan 2007 12:15 am
end of the day wwe is just trying to keep there winning formula going by brining in new blood i do agree with taco that some would normally be bought back but cant see many of these guys returning tatanka was well past it hes had a below par year since returning at royal rumble 06 and even had a crap time trying to be a heel

by Mr Taco @ 22 Jan 2007 11:06 am
Well, the only one that had potential out of the released guys was probably Sylvester Terkay, but he just looked to insecure and "green" in the few matches he had. He also looked kind of big and powerful, but the stuff he pulled off looked the opposite. I'd say that if he'd spent some more time training and practicing some more moves, I'd say he could have evolved into something better.

As for the rest of the guys, I'd say it's probably for the better that they were released. Tony Mamaluke was kind of good as part of the FBI so he could have stayed if you ask me. I also think that CW Anderson could have contributed a lot more if WWE had only allowed him to wrestle every once in a while.

Still, with the three brands and all, I'm sure they just had too much talent to use them all and pay them all. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the almighty dollar.

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