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Latest News On The Possible New Match For WrestleMania + WrestleMania 21 DVD News *SPOILERS* - Updated!
The latest reports on the possible new match to be added for WrestleMania 21 are putting quite a twist to the speculations as to where it would actually end up. It has now been confirmed that a 30-man Battle Royal, featuring 15 RAW superstars and 15 SmackDown! superstars will in fact take place.

The only thing is, and get this, it apparently won't be either on the pre-show Heat, or at the actual WrestleMania 21 pay per view. It looks as if the Battle Royal will take place tonight, but that it won't be shown to people who paid their hard-earned cash. Instead, it seems as if the only way to watch the Battle Royal will be to order the WrestleMania 21 DVD, which is where the match will be shown, as a bonus match of sorts.

Of course, the plans could always change and WWE might decide to show the Battle Royal on the actual pay per view, but it could also make the match a bigger incentive to purchase the DVD. As if it wasn't enough to shill out $50 for the pay per view itself.

News courtesy of NoDQ.Com:

"It has been confirmed that the Battle Royal will indeed take place at WrestleMania 21. However, it will not air on Sunday Night Heat, or the PPV itself.

The match will be taped tonight, but to see it, people will have to purchase the WrestleMania 21 DVD, which is scheduled to be released in the months following WrestleMania.

As previously reported, the Battle Royal will feature 15 superstars from RAW, and 15 from SmackDown!."


Well, WrestleMania 21 came and went, and no sign of a Battle Royal match. Neither the pay per view nor Heat was graced with this huge match, but since the match did go down it confirms the previous reports that it will be a WrestleMania 21 DVD exclusive.

A kind of funny little addition to the Battle Royal was that all RAW superstars wore red t-shirts, while the SmackDown! stars wore blue. Should be a funny thing to watch.

Well, PWInsider.Com have posted a list of the participants in this 30-man (but it actually turned out to be a 28-man Battle Royal, oh well) match-up, and we will bring this one to you as well (courtesy of PWInsider.Com, of course).

List of Battle Royal participants:

From RAW: Simon Dean, William Regal, Tajiri, Robert Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Gene Snitsky, The Hurricane, Rosey, Chris Masters, Viscera, Rhyno, Val Venis, Tyson Tomko & Maven.
From SmackDown!: Booker T (WINNER), Paul London, Heidenreich, Spike Dudley, Nunzio, Funaki, Doug Basham, Danny Basham, Orlando Jordan, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, Scotty Too Hotty, Hardcore Holly, Charlie Haas & Akio.

2005-Apr-03 02:55 pm by Mr Taco

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