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WWE SmackDown! To Be Cancelled Next Year? - Updated!
Rumor has it, since it hasn't really been confirmed yet, that Viacom might drop SmackDown! once the contract expires sometime next year.

However, according to Wrestling Observer, the WWE show might still be safe from harm. Even if the rumors are true, it is quite possible that Viacom and WWE might come to some agreement about an extention of the deal.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"The UPN Network plans to drop WWE Smackdown from its roster of shows when their contract with World Wrestling Entertainment expires next year, according to statements made by Viacom's co-President in an article published by California newspaper The Oakland Tribune earlier this week discussing UPN's future plans.

The statement, made by Leslie Moonves, co-President and co-Chief Operating Officer for Viacom, the parent company of UPN and CBS. Moonves and Tom Freston took over the positions in June 2004, when former President Mel Karmazin resigned the post.

According to the article, which looks at plans to change UPN's image into a more serious network, moving away from sillier fare like "Amish in the City." According to Moonves, Smackdown no longer fits the network's vision.

"It still makes us a decent amount of money," said Moonves, "When you think about the powerhouses of CBS and NBC on Thursday night, it's great counter-programming. (But) it doesn't fit into the overall (programming) strategy."

WWE and Viacom came to terms on a "multiyear deal" to continue broadcasting Smackdown via The UPN Network in March 2003. It is believed the deal expires in the fall of 2006. The arrangement provided for UPN to pay WWE a licensing fee and also allow the company to produce several primetime specials.

Smackdown debuted as a UPN special in April 1999, paving the way for the weekly series, which has been running since August of that year."

News courtesy of WrestlingObserver.Com:

"According to Wrestling Observer reporter Dave Meltzer, there is nothing to the reports of SmackDown's cancellation. The network has not made any decisions regarding the show's renewal and the future of the program is hardly in jeopardy.

While UPN could indeed be planning to move in a different direction come the expiration of WWE's contract, WWE has not been informed of a cancellation and is not "scrambling" to find a new network, as some reports might suggest.

As for the statement from the Viacom executive, chances are it was taken out of context. No other outlet that ran a story on the TCA Press Tour even mentioned the SmackDown! quote, meaning the reporter behind the story misinterpreted the information."


According to the latest reports, SmackDown! will in fact NOT be cancelled once the contract runs out. It seems it was a stupid "assumption" by a person of the press (what else?), and that there is no real fact behind the assumption.

News courtesy of ProWrestling.Com:

"As this reporter broke last night, there are absolutely no plans within UPN to cancel WWE SmackDown! PWInsider contacted the author of the story that started the commotion, and even she admitted that she made a mistake in claiming UPN had decided not to renew the show's contract. Her statement now is that it "might" not be renewed.

Most believe the statement was simply a powerplay on the part of UPN, with multiple layers of ramifications. For starters, if WWE decides to take SD to another network, UPN can claim that they "had no interest in a show that did not specifically fit into their overall marketing strategy." Additionally, with sister-network Spike TV in danger of losing WWE RAW to another cable channel, the statement might have been a warning that if WWE takes RAW elsewhere, SmackDown! might not have a home on a Viacom network.

In any event, anyone who claims a decision has been made to cancel SmackDown! is downright incorrect. In fact, it's very possible that this was totally a business move, and UPN isn't even considering not offering SD a renewal next year."

2005-Jan-27 06:32 pm by Mr Taco

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