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Dean Malenko came up with the Crippler Crossface submission hold, not Chris Benoit.

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Test Released From WWE Contract - Updated
WWE released both A-Train and Billy Gunn earlier this week, and now it seems that Test will be joining them in the unemployment line.

No new "farewell message" over at WWE.Com, it seems that they instead opted for just adding in Test's name next to the others in the original message.

I would be surprised if we won't see at least one of these three among the ranks of NWA-TNA shortly.


It seems as if Test is in a really bad situation thanks to WWE. Vince McMahon is apparently against releasing superstars while they are recovering from surgery or injury, but it was apparently a-ok to let go of Test while he was rehabbing from neck surgery.

Not only does this leave Test without a job, but since he still has 6 months worth of recovery time from his surgery, it means that he won't be receiving any money whatsoever since he's unable to wrestle. Talk about taking care of you wrestlers...

News courtesy of ProWrestling.Com:

"Test, who has been out recovering from neck surgery since June, was informed of his recent WWE release over the phone by Johnny Ace. Ace assured Test that the decision was made solely by Vince McMahon

In an almost unheard of practice, WWE let the wrestler go while he was out and physically unable to work. He will need at least six more months to recover.

After asking Ace what he is supposed to do now that he can't work for six months. In an unsettling moment, Ace commented by saying something along the lines of "we hoped you saved some money." He then told Test to call WWE when he was healthy, to which Test replied "no thanks.""

2004-Nov-02 10:49 am by Mr Taco

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