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Tons Of News On WWE's Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD
PWInsider.Com have posted tons of new info on the anticipated Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD, that will be released next month in the States, and in early December in Europe.

The main documentary feature of the DVD is said to be close to three (!) hours in length, and will apparently be very in-depth for not only fans unfamiliar with ECW, but also for long-time ECW fans.

News courtesy of PWInsider.Com:

"Over the weekend, PWInsider.com noted that an article in the new issue of Smackdown Magazine gave the appearance that the never before seen angle where The Sandman was crucified by Raven and his nest appeared on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD. I spoke to a source today who confirmed that the angle is seen in several clips with Kurt Angle (who was at the show and freaked out, upset about the angle) and Steven Richards discussing it.

Among those who are featured with comments on the DVD as well are Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, Tommy Dreamer, former ECW producer Ron Buffone, Mick Foley, Nunzio (Little Guido in ECW), Bubba Ray Dudley, Chris Jericho, D-Von Dudley, Tazz, Mick Foley, Al Snow, and Spike Dudley. I am told that McMahon confirms that Heyman was under WWE payroll during ECW's run, partially in return for talent that left ECW for the then-WWF. The main feature of the DVD is said to run close to three hours total in a documentary-style presentation.

The chapter list for the DVD is as follows:

*Early ECW
*The Public Enemy
*Terry Funk
*The Night The Line Was Crossed
*Paul Heyman vs. WCW
*Tommy Dreamer
*The Sandman
*Sandman-Dreamer Feud
*ECW Evolution
*Cactus Jack
*Mikey Whipwreck
*The Extreme Begins
*Technical Wrestlers
*Production Value
*The Fans
*Sabu Gets fired
*Taz breaks his neck
*The Monday Night War
*Lucha Libre
*Steve Austin Comes to ECW
*Cactus Jack Leaves ECW
*Taz returns
*The bWo
*Beulah & Dreamer
*The Crucifixion
*The importance of PPV
*ECW loses the PPV
*The PPV is back on
*WWE Co-promotion
*Barely Legal: Lance Storm vs. RVD
*Barely Legal: Taz vs. Sabu
*Barely Legal: The Main Event
*Raven goes to WCW and Jerry Lawler invades ECW
*A Locker Room mole?
*The Superstars' Roles (a discussion of everyone's out of the ring responsibilities)
*Paul Heyman's creativity
*WCW & WWE's ECW Imitation
*Taz & the FTW Title
*The Dudleys: the most hated tag team
*Financial Woes
*The TNN Deal & Taz Leaves
*The Dudleys Leave ECW
*Disappointment with TNN / RVD - the whole F'n show
*Mike Awesome controversy & Tommy Dreamer wins the title
*The Demise of ECW
*Paul Heyman debuts on Raw

Among the Easter Eggs on the DVD are The Public Enemy training Mikey Whipwreck for his ECW World title match against the Sandman, Michael Cole being shown an injury by Rob Van Dam from his feud with Jerry Lynn, and the build to Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. Tazz also tells a story about a phone call he made to Paul Heyman while on his way to Madison Square Garden for his WWE debut.

I was told that the DVD is "great" for fans who were familiar with the company during it's run but will also be entertaining for fans who may not have experienced it when it was in business."

2004-Oct-26 08:14 am by Mr Taco

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