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John Heidenreich Throws Temper Tantrum At House Show
I don't know if this will be an indication of the future of John Heidenreich, but behaviour like this can't sit too well with WWE management. Apparently, Mr. Heidenreich threw a fit backstage at a house show following a match against Scotty Too Hotty.

Heidenreich was complaining about a few mishaps, and according to sources punched his own face and ran his head into a couple of lockers backstage. Some people even said that he looked pretty damn silly.

Anyway, Heidenreich would probably do best in trying to hold back his aggressive emotions (at least off camera) if he wants to go over with Vince McMahon and WWE management.

News courtesy of ProWrestling.Com:

"The story on John Heidenreich blowing a gasket after working a match against Scotty Too Hotty on August 29 in Bakersfield, Calif. is that he apparently was upset for making a few mistakes inside the ring.

Apparently during the match he yelled "F---" a few times, and then threw a massive tantrum after the match once backstage.

One witness of the tantrum reports that Heidenreich went as far as punching himself in his face, as well as ramming his head into a locker. "He looked like a retarded (Bill) Goldberg," said the source of Heidenreich.

Backstage agents did their best to calm John down, with Vince McMahon coming in two nights later to speak with him. The main point of Vince's lecture to Heidenreich was to "be a professional"."

2004-Sep-11 11:25 am by Mr Taco

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