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Before they made it big, Ultimate Warrior and Sting used to team under the name of the Bladerunners, as Bladerunner Rock and Bladerunner Flash respectively.

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Perry Saturn To Return To Wrestling Following Superhuman Display Of Courage
Former WWE superstar Perry Saturn will soon return to wrestling, after being out of action since April this year. However, it is not this alone that merits a headlines here, but how he was sidelined to begin with!

Apparently, Saturn interfered in a rape drama where two men were trying to sexually abuse a woman. Without hesitation, Saturn jumped the two men. Saturn later felt a stinging sensation in his back neck, and later discovered that he had been shot three times in the neck!

Now, following some extensive surgery where Saturn had a steel plate and several screws inserted into his neck area, he is on the recovery and will be making his return to the wrestling ring at a USA Pro event on September the 17th.

We at Fiesta Fest Wrestling would just like to personally state that Perry Saturn is one hell of a human being! Mad respect to Saturn for his courageous actions.

News courtesy of 1Wrestling.Com:

"Former WWE , WCW and ECW wrestler Perry Saturn will make his wrestling return after suffering a very serious injury this past April. This was a very serious, and private situation, which he did not want public until he was able to recover.

We are proud to announce that he has recovered, and will return to the wrestling ring on Sept 17th for USA Pro (Jamaica, NY @ The Amazura Concert Hall).

In April of 2004 Perry Saturn was driving his girlfriend to work when he heard what he thought was an argument next to a vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, he saw two men trying to restrain a woman as they were raping her. Without hesitation, he grabbed both men off her, and started fighting with them. As he was able to get the woman free from her attackers, he felt a burning sensation in his neck. He thought originally it was a cut stemming from a punch. However, he learned soonafter he was shot three times in the neck with a 25 caliber handgun.

Perry Saturn now has a steel plate and 3 stainless steel screws where his C-5, C-6 and C-7 vertebra in his neck were badly injured. The good news is that after a very tough and extensive amount of physical therapy and training, he is able to return to wrestling. When you think about it, it's amazing he is even alive, or even able to walk!

Unfortunately, we learned that he did not have medical insurance, and has incurred quite a bit of medical expenses. I'm sure if needed, the wrestling community will open up their arms and assist if the expenses become overwhelming.

As far as his attackers, one man was arrested for attempted murder and rape. That case is still ongoing. No word if the other individual was arrested as well.

On behalf of everyone here at Wrestling-News.com and USA Pro Wrestling, we are very proud of your actions, your determination to recover, and your instinct without thought to risk your life like you did.

On the USA Pro Wrestling message board, we have opened a thread for anyone that would like to leave a message or comment for Perry. He will be reading them on the board.

If anyone would like to send a private message via email, you can send them to usaprowrestling@aol.com and the messages will be forwarded to Perry."

2004-Jul-24 07:54 pm by Mr Taco

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