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Eddie Guerrero uses the Frog Splash as his finisher in honor of his former tag team partner, the late Art Barr, who invented and named the move.

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John 'Bradshaw' Layfield Fired From CNBC + More Bradshaw News
We have learned that John Bradshaw Layfield has been fired from his position as financial expert on CNBC, following his rather appalling actions on a recent house show in Germany.

News courtesy of WrestlingObserver.Com:

"John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield has been fired by CNBC in the past few hours, after finding out and investigating the “Nazi” incident which occurred on the German leg of WWE’s European tour. More information on said incident can be found on the newsboard a few posts down.

CNBC, as I said, investigated the incident and a spokesperson for the company said that they “found his behavior to be offensive, inappropriate and not benefiting anyone associated with our network”."

Furhtermore, it seems that some fellow WWE wrestlers are rather embarassed and appalled by Layfield's actions as well, especially since people are paying tribute to those who died at D-Day.

Here's apparently what one of them said:

"I'm sure he thought it was no big deal," said another co-worker. "Well it was a big deal, and the timing couldn't have been worse. The entire world was paying tribute to the men who died at D-Day, and we've got a clown in the ring making a fool of himself and the company."

Bradshaw, seemingly, justified his actions by quote unquote saying "that's what bad guys do". Apparently, Mr. Layfield doesn't think the whole thing is that much of a fuss. Still no word on how this will affect the WWE future of one John Layfield.

2004-Jun-09 09:07 am by Mr Taco

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