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Rob Van Dam has only had one major surgery throughout his entire career, the knee surgery that he underwent in early 2005.

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News On The Identities Of The New WWE Wrestlers *SPOILERS*
The recent weeks have seen promos and debuts of new WWE wrestlers, both on RAW and SmackDown!, starting with the Mordecai on SmackDown! last week.

Mordecai has been wrestling as Seven (real name unknown to us at the moment) in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and has finally been gotten the big call to come to the WWE. It is rumored that he will be feuding with the Undertaker somewhere down the line as well.

The big man debuting as Christian's "problem solver" is called Tyson Tomko (although his real name is Travis Tomko), and has been wrestling as Bane, also in OVW. With the latest drought in talent as of late, he too has been called up to the WWE.

RAW also saw the promo of Hirohito, who is rumored to be somewhat of a "big japanese leader" according to the promo. I have no idea as to who this wresler is, but it is rumored that a wrestler by the name of Kenzo is soon to debut, so this "Hirohito" could be him.

Here is what the promo said about the Hirohito character (courtesy of ProWrestling.Com):

"In 1941, Japan went into a war against the United States. In 1945, after four years of brutal and bloody combat, the United States ended the war. In the flash of an eye, the United States devastated the Japanese Military, decimated the nation's culture and vanquished a once great dynasty. And now, two generations later, a new leader has emerged to regain his honor. Mark the return of Hirohito!"

2004-Apr-20 07:28 am by Mr Taco

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